How Poor Hiring Practices Cost Virgin Media Over £6 MILLION Per Year. Konstanty Sliwowski, founder and CEO of Caissa Global, and his team take us through a look at how poor recruitment practices affect your overall brand image. 

What We Can Learn From Virgin Media Recruitment

Virgin Media, a major media house who hires staff in enormous numbers, decided to evaluate their lack of adequate hiring processes. Instead of having a fixed protocol for company-wide recruitment involving proper prescreening, each area of business for Virgin had its hiring self-regulated by local management. Given the size and volume of this massive company, their inquiry found that the act of candidates being refused a role they applied for caused a drastic loss of subscriptions. Virgin Media's losses reached over £6 million per year. 

Recruitment Success Elevates Your Brand

As unhappy candidates share their disdain with friends and family, it's highly likely that even more cancellations occur. This shows just how much a positive recruitment process matters. Refusals directly translate to a knock to your brand image - an impact which can be safely averted with the help with the right recruitment agency, and efficient hiring processes. Your recruitment process puts forth a strong image, proving whether your company values & goals are something staff will want to work towards or just another empty employer trying to get ahead. Allow Caissa Recruitment to streamline your hiring process, and find you the very best staff for the job with the least effort. 

What We Learned From Virgin Media's £6M Poor Recruitment Practices Losses