Why Promoting Higher Salary Offers Doesn't Make Sense for Recruitment Agency Rates. Konstanty Sliwowski, CEO and founder of Caissa Global Recruitment, discusses a question posed by a client regarding the self-interest of promoting a higher salary position with company business development manager, Fabien.

Not Too High, Not Too Low, Just Right.

Customers often wonder whether or not there is an incentive or underlying motivation for presenting candidates with higher salary requirements. The premise that recruitment fees are charged as a fixed commission percentage can make it seem logical that this could be the case, but, in truth, nothing could be further from fact. Firstly, recruiters work on commission only, which means that if the candidate is refused, they make no money. It is far more sensible to present potential staff that arrives at the most reasonable, balanced salary point possible rather than risk a complete refusal. Head hunter fees are a matter of consequence, not a priority.

Matching The Right Person at the Proper Salary

Mismatches in salary can strike up other complications as well. If a salary is accepted in an underpaid position, it will not take too long for any given employee to realize that they're being conned. After all, engineerings and developers in Berlin are contacted an average of 15.4 times per month by recruiters actively performing outreach campaigns to source staff. After becoming aware that they could be earning more, it won't be long before a skilled staff member leaves. This forces the recruitment agency to act upon its retainment clause that protects the company from suffering the loss and having to restaff at an equal cost while even devoting more time to hiring. 

Save Yourself Time & Money

The more delays in recruiting, the higher your product cost, thanks to escalating delivery times. No business can afford to have their staff strained by assuming the responsibility of a missing team member. Quality suffers, stress ensues, and costs rise. Rather rely on the experienced placement services of a leading recruiter like Caissa Recruiter - contact us to always have the right person for the job at the right price. 

A Look At Why Recruiters Don't Push For Higher Salaries