What is the salary for a VP of Engineering in Berlin, Germany?

€162,200 is the average salary for a VP of Engineering in Berlin, Germany in 2023.  At Caissa Global Recruitment, we see the role of VP of Engineering ranges from €118,000 to €182,000

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VP of Engineering roles hold an average salary frequently above €118,000 in 2023.

Vice President of Engineering Influencers in Berlin, Germany

With so many brilliant tech companies in Berlin, you're bound to find outstanding leaders for development teams. Here are a few examples.

  • Frau Haupt is Head of Software Engineering at DLR, check her out on Twitter
  • Vincent Garrigues shares how to go from an engineer to a Director of Engineering below. 

Want to get a Vice President of Engineering Job in Berlin?

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  • Most suited to developers, our Ultimate Guide to Getting a Developer Job in Berlin still has great tips for senior level too.