We are faced with a new reality.

Countries have closed their borders. Embassies have stopped working. Suddenly you can't tap into global talent anymore. 

Should you stop looking abroad and focus on the German market? How do you deal with the shortage of talent domestically? How do you make sure you remain competitive and continue growing essential teams to innovate and improve your product?

You should know that you can STILL hire talent globally. Despite COVID. 

You just need to know your options. 

Learn from Dr. Sebastian Buder, Equity Partner @ Taylor Wessing Germany how to employ global talent in Germany remotely from 🌎 abroad 🌍.

He talks about:

  • Possible legal structures of the employment relationship
  • Legal obstacles and necessities you need to address
  • Employer obligations and employee rights

Access the recording here: https://caissa-taylor-wessing-hire-globally-despite-covid.gr8.com/