In this video, Konstanty Sliwowski, the founder of Caissa Global Recruitment points out the impact of traditional interviews followed by hiring. He explains the demerits of the typical interview setting that favours only the experience interviewees. He, then, advises on how to “level up the field” for all the interviewees.

You can go through the details in the following transcript:

As a hiring manager, we rarely remember the time when we were interviewing for a job. But just for a moment, put yourself in that position. 

  • Can you remember what it felt like? 
  • Did you enjoy the experience? 
  • Hardly fun on most counts, right?

I mean, let’s face it. 

Interviews are an unnatural setting. They are, on the most part, uncomfortable and can unfairly advantage candidates who: 

  • Either, have extensive interview experience, or 
  • Simply have the ability to come across as more approachable 

On top of this, let’s remember bias and first impressions, in particular, will usually play a part if left unchecked.

On the other hand, the interview setting will usually discriminate against potentially amazing hires.

This can have a serious downside for employers because you end up with the risk of hiring the person who: 

  • Comes across best in interviews 
  • Is not the one that can actually perform best at the job

So what to do?

Well, you can help level the playing field by explaining the STAR method to all candidates (yes ALL candidates). What is it? 

Well, it is actually quite simple. It teaches people to answer questions by describing

  • The Situation
  • The Task 
  • The Action 
  • The Result 

Candidates should not be required to use it. But research has shown that given the option most candidates will take the advice. 

This, coupled with the simple act of coaching and providing a helping hand, will help people ease into an interview and provide a more meaningful context to their answers, thus: 

  • Leveling the playing field, and 
  • Enabling the hiring team to have more meaningful conversations leading to more informed decisions

In sum, to give equal opportunity for all the candidates, you must:

  • Take a step forward. Explain what you want the candidates to explain.
  • Level up the playing field. Show them how they can exhibit their past experiences, skills, and abilities.
  • Coach them. A little bit of coaching can help fresh yet talented individuals to secure the job.
  • Give them a good interviewing experience. This will make a good impression on the candidates, which will benefit you in the future.

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