This video by Konstanty Sliwowski, the founder of Caissa Global Recruitment, is about the guiding principles every good recruitment agency should follow. He talks about representing clients truly and fairly, while providing candidates with reliable and reputable organizations to grow their careers.

Here’s the video transcript:

I see it as my moral obligation that my clients are represented accurately, fairly, and respectfully to the candidate market. 

Conversely, as a recruiter, our obligation is also that the companies we represent to our candidates are vetted, reliable, and respectable organizations, where: 

  • Their professional careers will flourish, and
  • Personal development will be cared for

Unfortunately, recruitment is too often treated and perceived as a transactional arm of the HR function, and the focus shifts to quantity instead of accuracy and quality. 

In fact, just as marketing, recruitment is about: 

  • Research
  • Market intelligence 
  • Data
  • Testing, and ultimately 
  • Understanding your audience 

It is about understanding your target audience in a meaningful way, which will gain their attention, build employer brand and awareness thereof as well as enable conversion.

This, to me, is the definition of recruitment and this is also why I see it as my moral obligation to ensure that we: 

  • Understand the clients we work with beyond the superficial, and 
  • Are, as a result, able to represent them faithfully and accurately to the right candidate audience.

In sum, here’s what a good recruiter should do:

  • Focus on true and fair client representation. Be respectful with clients, highlight the benefits of working with them, create a good image in the market.
  • Help the candidates get the right job. Provide vetted, reliable, and respectable organizations that offer incentives and growth opportunities.

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