In this video, Konstanty Sliwowski, the founder of Caissa Global Recruitment, talks about the importance of working with the right recruitment firm. He points out the demerits in the typical in-house recruitment what companies should do to avoid them. Read the details in the following video transcript:

The point of using a search firm is, contrary to common belief, not about getting CV’s sent to you. Often it is also not about accessing the market network of a recruitment agency. Though that is helpful. 

So when is it worth it to engage a search or recruitment firm?

Whether you are engaging a lawyer, an accountant, or a recruiter, your goal is to benefit from their expertise. You don’t want to engage a recruiter just to get CVs. That would be like asking a doctor for a prescription without discussing the symptoms. 

Top recruiters have specialized knowledge, which can: 

  • Expand your options 
  • Accelerate your progress, and 
  • Mitigate your risk 

They know 

  • What questions to ask
  • Where to look for answers, and 
  • How to evaluate situations like yours

Same as working with any other expert, working with an expert recruitment firm is about: 

  • Bringing hidden issues to light, and 
  • Providing insight into questions you had not even thought to ask 

Most typical hiring practices, unfortunately, do the opposite. Often they are based on: 

  • Assumptions 
  • Old job descriptions 
  • Keywords 
  • Shortcuts 
  • Ignoring more information than they gather 

Thus, they leave your hiring decision up to chance.

Now, I am sure you have put a puzzle together before and know the satisfaction this brings. There is a pleasure in having a picture come into focus, piece by piece. 

What if you are missing a piece? Most hiring practices unknowingly throw away puzzle pieces. This is even, more so, the case the more senior a position is, given the increasing level of complexity and job dimensions. 

Without those pieces, the end result is much less satisfying and you end up in a position where you make your hiring decision with only a small portion of the puzzle completed.

Most people involved in hiring are so busy with the “Now” that they never even notice how many questions are going unasked (and unanswered). And thus, instead of completing the picture step by step, the focus steadily narrows down to only a small fraction of the necessary information.

So when is it worth it to engage a search firm in the conversation? Early. You want them to be part of the conversation that helps define the role and shapes the search process.

In sum, companies need to know that:

  • Collaborating with the right recruitment firm always helps. It is very important while hiring managers, team leaders, VPs, and CTOs.
  • Good recruitment firms can benefit you well, expanding your options, mitigating risks, and improving progress.
  • The earlier you do, the better. This way, you’ll be able to identify the roles and shape your process.

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