David Falussy joins the Caissa team and explains why he chose Caissa

Change is inescapable. Everyone experiences changes in life, with the wealth of options available at any given moment often making it difficult to determine the right choice, and the best course of action. Deciding on the right company and a recruiter that cares is vitally important. That is why I have collected and listed the three most essential factors in my application and the choice to go with Caissa Recruitment.

Exposure to a Positive New Environment

It took only a few years in recruitment to realize that I needed to make a shift in the way I do business, and where I do business. Caissa gave me the opportunity to not only expand my horizons by moving to a new country but to improve my skills and specialization in a fixed focus area as well. By crossing over to the dedicated technology landscape covered by this agency, I opened up all-new avenues of opportunity, growth & personal potential.

Recruitment Shaped by the Candidate Experience

Recruiters and job seekers often find themselves having to navigate through difficult, unstructured recruitment processes, especially when applying to work abroad. Among the first major differences I found when working with Caissa is how all interactions and all parts of the recruitment process are organized, well-executed, and highly professional. Instead of sloppy recruitment and ineffective processes, interviews and feedback have a focus on clear communication, accurate exchanges of information, and experiences that are firmly shaped by the very ethics that this company is founded on.

Meaningful Impact on The Recruitment Industry

It didn't take long for it to become evident that Caissa Recruitment is a company looking to change industry practices. By setting up all-new standards for both employers and employees with niche sectors of business, there is no better way to fulfill everyone's needs in today's rapidly expanding markets. From this pioneering platform focused on career growth and clear communication, I had found the perfect place to begin the next phase of my career. With recruiters striving to revolutionize recruiting and staffing by giving the personal and professional attention needed to uniquely and optimal hire, this was clearly somewhere that embraced the scope and full-importance of my journey.

The Right Recruiter for Me

I was right to decide on Caissa Recruitment. Every day spent in the office at my new position confirms that my expectations were not only met, but rather exceeded. All-inclusive recruitment services gave me a comprehensive look at the options best suited, but only after evaluating my individual needs. Caissa cares and helped me. They will help you too.

Three Reasons Why I Joined Caissa Recruitment