This video highlights the sole purpose of a recruitment agency. Here Konstanty Sliwowski, the founder of Caissa Global Recruitment, talks about the first question clients want to know from anyone they want to hire as their executive recruitment service. He talks about how it is different from the usual ‘Bring CV’s to the table’ kind of recruitment, and why it is important.

Here’s the video transcription for you:

A few years back I went to visit a client. This was quite an important visit as this was one of our largest clients at the time and they had just brought on a new Head of Global Talent Acquisition.

I had been to 100’s of such meetings, hence keen to make a good impression. I was feeling confident given the work we had done for this company, scaling their engineering team as well as introducing a layer of engineering middle management below the Chief Technology Officer - nearly 20 key hires.

I remember being ushered into a meeting room, and after a few minutes, being joined by the new Head of Global Talent Acquisition whom I had never met. It quickly became clear that this was not a meet and greet. 

Within a few seconds, I had found myself being interviewed for the job I was already performing for this very large client, with whom we had done a lot of work over the last 2+ years.

I distinctly remember the first question I was asked in that meeting. 

“Tell me how you represent us to candidates. What do you tell them about us?”

This was the single most important question I had been asked by any client to date. It is the question that was a direct challenge to how recruitment is perceived. I loved it! 

For, you see, recruitment is not about bringing CV’s to the table. But, it’s about:

  • Understanding
  • Representation 
  • Being able to engage with the right candidates for the role

Anyone can keyword match, anyone can scan through direct applications. Being able to have a meaningful discussion with prospective candidates that are a perfect match in a way that is: 

  • Engaging
  • Enticing
  • Honest, and 
  • Representative 

in such a way that it will elicit their eagerness to apply for a job is a different matter.

In short, in order to make yourself worthy of selection, a recruitment agency must:

  • Understand the expectations of its clients. How you’ll represent your client in front of the candidate. What will you tell them about your client
  • Focus on selecting the CVs that perfectly match the roles. You can only do it if you know your client right down to the bottom. 
  • Have a meaningful discussion with the job prospects. Are they honest, eager, and willing to work, besides being the perfect match?

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