Here, the founder of Caissa Global Recruitment, Konstanty Sliwowski, talks about the impact of the VSOPs on the German market. He talks about its importance for businesses, especially for the startups. His emphasis is on setting up the right legal framework to get the right funding. 

This is the video transcript carrying the details.

Virtual share option participation is an important tool in: 

  • Building a business, and 
  • Hiring the right people, especially when hiring at startups and scaleups 

In fact, one of the big benefits of going to work for a startup is the opportunity to participate in a meaningful way in the success of the company.

Here is the thing though.

VSOP schemes and employee participation can also have a huge impact on funding and investment. In fact, If the legal framework for employee participation is set up in the wrong way, it can dramatically limit funding options. If you get it wrong as a founder, you may be able to attract the right employees but not the right funding.

Of course, this is Germany, so VSOP schemes are complicated and full of legal pitfalls for both founders and investors. 

To make it more interesting, did you know that the German government is considering introducing new legislation with regards to employee participation in companies?

This is why, I have asked our friend, Nico Jänicke, a Partner at the top law firm, TaylorWessing, to join me in discussing the importance of VSOP: 

  • The challenges they can create when raising funding, 
  • Their impact on hiring, and 
  • The very crucial potential changes to German legislation.

You really need to know this so come join our discussion. The link to the webinar on Thursday is in the comments section.

See you there!

In summary, to get the benefits of the VSOPs for your business, you must:

  • Set the right legal framework. If you didn’t, you may get more employees, but not the desired funding.
  • Familiarize with the country’s legal framework. Germany is considering new legislations regarding employee participation.
  • Fully understand VSOP. You need to know what challenges will you be facing, how they wil impact your hiring, and what new legislations will bring.

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